Abstaining No More… In Weston

Dry for over 17 decades, the town of Weston now has wine available for sale for the very first time in over 170 years!

That’s right!  Weston is no longer abstaining from having the sweet nectar of wine available on its store shelves.

In response to petitioning from the owner of Omni Foods for many years, and in a nod to meeting the desires of its residents, Weston finally saw fit to lift the ban which prohibited the sale of wine within the town.

The very first person to partake of the privilege of purchasing wine in Weston, was former Red Sox general manager and Weston resident Lou Gorman, who professed to being partial to white wine; not red.

For many, this change has been a long time coming and will reduce the time spent running errands.

Beer and “hard liquor” will still need to be purchased outside the town limits.



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