Taking A Page Out of Google’s Handbook??

Google is a web destination, a verb, and a stock that…

has made its many shareholders wealthy.  It also happens to be a company that offers unique perks for its employees.

You can do your laundry, drop off your dry cleaning, head to the gym, get a massage, take a nap in a sleeping pod, and have a gourmet meal specially prepared in the company’s cafeterias.  All for free!

Employees don’t have a regular time that they start work.  They know what they’re expected to accomplish and the company encourages its staff to work when its optimal for them.

It’s a new corporate culture and Google is leading the way.

But in this era of gas eating vehicles and wallet crushing gas prices, Google has another employee perk which employees cherish.

Many of its employees commute to work on corporate luxury buses which shuttle people all over Silicon Valley.  The fleet offers comfortable seating and power outlets so that employees can be “plugged in.” In addition, employees socialize with other Google staff who they might not come into contact with during their day at work.

Employees save time and money, and the company benefits from the collegial feeling which is fostered in this environment.

And now Wellesley will be the beneficiary of collegial support!

And in more ways than one!

Wellesley College

Wellesley College

Wellesley College has started a new service, the “Riverside Shuttle.” Designed to facilitate the commuting process for students, faculty, and staff, the Riverside Shuttle starts operating this week.

Riverside Shuttle

Riverside Shuttle


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And in the true spirit of collegialism, (and perhaps as a boost to college dating life!) the shuttle will also host students, faculty, and staff of Babson and Olin Colleges!

The shuttle will run Monday through Friday with stops at the Riverside station, the Wellesley Hills commuter train station, Olin, Babson and the Wellesley College campus center and chapel. The first shuttle will leave Riverside at 6:15 am and will pick up passengers approximately every hour and 15 minutes. The final shuttle of the day will leave Wellesley at 7:10 pm. For a full schedule, click here.

* Photo courtesy of Paul Keleher
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“With the expense of gasoline and the high cost of commuting, I think a lot of people are going to look at mass transit options a little closer than they did before,” said Peter Eastment, director of housing and transportation at Wellesley. “It’s an affordable option and it contributes to the greening of campus,” stated Eastment in a recent Wellesley College press release.

BostonKayakGuy highly recommends the new Riverside Shuttle and gives it a 5 paddle rating!!

BostonKayakGuy awards a 5 Paddles Rating!!



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Riverside Shuttle Schedule:







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