Framingham School Bus Routes: 2008-2009

Students in Framingham started school August 27, 2008 with a new busing schedule designed to result in savings of approximately $250,000.

By implementing bus routes which combine students from a number of schools, the school district will be able to eliminate the use of six school buses.

School officials are reminding parents to have their children at their bus stops early while the initial implementation of the new schedules is underway.

BUS.gif (663 bytes) Framingham School Bus RoutesBUS.gif (663 bytes)

Fee-based transportation is available for all eligible riders who will be in Grades 7-12 and for walkers
on a seat available basis. The application is available at the Parent Information Center, 454 Water
Street, Room 115 or on the internet at: For questions, call 508-424-
1. Eligible Riders are students who will be in grades 7 – 12 in the fall of 2008 and live:
• more than 1.5 miles from the middle school
• more than 2.0 miles from the high school
• and will be attending one of the schools below:
Cameron Middle School Framingham High School
Fuller Middle School Framingham Alternative High School
Walsh Middle School
Students attending the Charter School, Keefe Tech or private schools within Framingham
must apply for transportation through their own school and make all necessary payments
directly to that school.
2. The fee for eligible riders is $270.00 per child, with a family maximum of $540.00. This fee
is never prorated, except for new students beginning school after the start of the school
3. Fees are waived for families who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch under the federal
guidelines. There is a $25.00 processing fee per family (not per child) for those receiving
4. Bus passes will be mailed to students before school begins. The bus fee must be paid in full
before the pass will be given to your child.
5. A limited number of seats are available for purchase on some buses for those students who are
walkers to their current school. Walkers who would like transportation may request a seat by
filling out an application, available at the Parent Information Center or on the Framingham
Public School website. A check or money order with full payment of the $270.00 fee per child
will be due upon notification. Neither the $25 waiver nor the family maximum of $540.00
applies to walkers.

For more information:

BARBIERI——626-9187…FAX-626-9176 MCCARTHY—-626-9161….FAX 626-9106
BROPHY ——-626-9158…FAX-628-1305 POTTER RD—-626-9110….FAX 877-1683
DUNNING —–626-9155…FAX-628-1363 STAPLETON—-626-9143….FAX 877-4908
HEMENWAY— 626-9149…FAX-877-2262 W. WILSON—-626-9164….FAX-620-2965
CAMERON ———————————–879-2290…FAX-788-3560
FULLER ————————————–620-4956…FAX-628-1308

WALSH ————————————–626-9180…FAX-626-9167
FRAMINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL ————620-4963…FAX-877-6603
THAYER CAMPUS—————————626-9191…FAX-626-7427


For more information:

* Information courtesy of Framingham Public Schools



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