Natick School Calendar 2008 – 2009: School Bus Route Information

Natick Public Schools will open their doors on Wednesday, August 27, 2008.


Motorists, just a gentle reminder that opening day will bring increased foot traffic as well as busier commuter routes.

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The Natick School Administration has posted detailed bus route information:



General Information

Natick Public Schools
Transportation Business Office
13 East Central Street
Natick, MA  01760



William Hurley
Director of Fiscal and Management Services
(508) 647-6493

Ginny Constantine
Transportation Coordinator

(508) 647-6497

Natick Public Schools has provided the following:

For your information and convenience, all necessary links to register for school bus transportation, as well as school bus information in general, are shown in the section to the left of this page.  Registration deadline is June 13, 2008 for current residents; ongoing for new residents, on a space-available basis.   Bus Passes are scheduled to be mailed out a week or two prior to the opening of school, to students that are registered, with balances paid in full.  The 2008-2009 Bus Routes will be published in late August on the Natick Public Schools web site, in the local newspapers, as well as each school main office. Only under the direction of Natick Public Schools Administration will bus routes change.  The web site will be updated as appropriate.

Bus Pass Replacements
Replacement bus passes may be obtained for a $5.00 replacement charge (check or money order,  No Cash, please), during the hours of  8:30-4:00, at the School Department Transportation Business Office, located at Town Hall, 3rd Floor, 13 East Central Street, Natick, MA. 01760 (508)647-6497.

Bus Stop Additions/Changes

Due to the large volume of calls our office receives each day from Transportation Providers, Principals, School Counselors, families new to Natick, and other School Department business, all requests for consideration for bus stop additions, changes and concerns, must be submitted in writing to the School Department Transportation Business Office, 13 East Central Street, Natick, MA 01760. (see link to Bus Stop Change Request – left side of this page) Every effort will be made to address these written requests, after September 10, 2008, once bus routes have settled, and we have a better understanding of how effeciently the bus routes that have been implented are running. We will notify you of our decision.  Your understanding and coopertation is appreciated.  

Should you require addtional information, please contact the Transportation Business Office at 508-647-6497.


* Information courtesy of Natick Public Schools

* Image courtesy of



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