Wellesley Parents. . . The Countdown Begins

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2 weeks……2 weeks…………2 weeks…….2 weeks………. UNTIL THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL !!

Have you heard it?  The clock is ticking!

Exactly 2 weeks from Tuesday, you’ll hear even more.   There will be the frantic search; cabinets and cupboards being opened and closed.  Drawers closed in frustration.  Doors slammed.

Clothes will be taken from the closet.  Some will land on the floor.  Missing shoes will be retrieved.

Breakfast will remain untouched in some instances.  Hairdryers will be humming.  iPods will be removed from the bedroom, family room, car, …and other sundry places.

Running feet will be heard…out the front door.  Car doors will be slammed; buses will be waiting.

Moms and Dads will start their engines.  And they’ll all be headed to the biggest gathering of friends since summer began.

That’s right!  You guessed it!

In 2 weeks,  September 2, 2008** to be exact, the kids go back to school!!!

Wellesley Schools open their doors to welcome back their students in just 2 weeks.

For some, it will be the end of vacation; and for others,. . .  it will be the beginning!

Calendar for September 2008

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30
Phases of the moon: 7:1Q 15:Full 22:3Q 29:New
Holidays and Observances: 1: Labor Day

Football:            First day of practice: Monday, August 18.
Fall athletics:     First day of practice: Thursday, August 21.

August 25 & 26 (Mon/Tues) New Professional Staff
August 27 & 28 (Wed/Thurs) All Professional Staff
September 2 (Tuesday) School Begins for All Students
September 22 (Monday) Kindergarten starts one full day

September 30 (Tuesday) Rosh Hashanah – No School
October 9 (Thursday) Yom Kippur – No School
October 13 (Monday) Columbus Day – No School

October 20 (Monday) Kindergarten starts 2 full days

November 4 (Tuesday) General Election Day Half Day K-12;
K-5 Parent Conferences
November 11 (Tuesday) Veteran’s Day – No School

November 27-28 Thanksgiving recess (early dismissal at
all schools Wednesday, 11/26)

December 1 (Monday) Professional Day No School

Winter athletics First day of practice: Monday, December 1.

December 24 – January 4 Year-end Vacation

January 5 (Monday) School Reopens

January 19 (Monday) Martin Luther King Day No School
February 16 – 20 February Vacation Week
April 7 (Tuesday) Early Dismissal K-5 Parent Conferences
April 10 (Friday) Good Friday (No School)
April 20 – 24 April Vacation Week
April 27 (Monday) Kindergarten starts 4 full days
May 25 (Monday) Memorial Day -(No School)
June 25 (Thursday) Closing day for students (half day)
(assumes 5 snow days needed)

June 26 (Friday) Closing day for teachers (assumes 5 SNOW DAYS)

Graduation day is Friday, June 5. The final day of school will be
adjusted depending on days lost because of bad weather.
(Teachers work 184 days; students attend 180 days.)
The final day of school will be a half day. For elementary students
there will be only one half day during the final week of school. If the
last day of school is a Thursday or Friday, the preceeding Wednesday
for elementary students shall be a full day.

* School Information Courtesy of Wellesley Public Schools



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