What Is An Education Worth $$$

The debate has been raging for some time here in Wellesley, along with other Massachusetts towns: “Does the most money equal the best education?”

The other side to this question is: “How much control should individual towns, some being wealthier than others, have over replacing outdated, outmoded school facilities?”


As we all know, Wellesley is currently embroiled in this very debate with the state.  As a graduate of Wellesley High School I can attest that the need for state of the art facilities is clear.  The students of Wellesley have been waiting a long time for a high school that incorporates design and technology needed to ensure that Wellesley keeps pace with other educational institutions.

Students in Natick have been attending a high school which has been home to many a baby boomer, but which no longer meets the needs and demands of its pupils.

The need is clear; the solution has been debatable.  And in the end, it’s all boiled down to money.

Who gets it?  Who pays for it?  How do we control it?

A recent article in The Boston Globe touts “Model Schools “ http://www.boston.com/news/local/articles/2008/08/17/model_schools/?page=full as having the potential to address this conundrum.

Natick is under consideration as a possible site for a Model School.  Wetlands have rendered that Wellesley is not a good candidate for this.

But beyond this, we are all left with the question “How do we ensure that America’s best and brightest have the educational resources needed to compete on a global platform?”

The schools in many of the country’s towns and cities have been sadly neglected over the years.  If the wealthier towns can afford to build better schools, where does that leave the kids who live elsewhere?


How do we maintain that delicate balance between costs and ensuring a top flight education for our children?  In today’s economy the dilemma is front and center.

And as a realtor, every day I work with buyers who want to be assured that the public school education offered in metrowest Boston is the very best.

America has long been known for its high regard for education.  Students all over the world flock here to partake in this society’s curriculum.  But we’ve been losing ground.  We haven’t kept our facilities up-to-date, much less the envy of other countries.

And so here we are.  The question is, “Where do we go from here?”



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“Boston Kayak Guy. . . The MetWest Real Estate Scene”


Calendar for Wellesley High School Building Project: *


* courtesy WickedLocal Wellesley

Tax Hike Part of Wellesley High School Building Plan *


* courtesy Boston Globe Bureaus


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