A Summer of Discontent. . . Why I Can’t Love the Cottage Restaurant in Wellesley

When the COTTAGE restaurant came to Wellesley, many townspeople eagerly tried the cuisine offered by the newest restaurant in town.   http://www.cottagewellesley.com/

The first reports were not kind; mediocre food, mediocre service.

The location on Linden St. was great!  Good parking, convenient for when you’re out shopping – the COTTAGE got high marks.

Understandably, there were kinks that needed to be ironed out.  New restaurants need time to get up and running and people were understanding.

Then recently, a couple of favorable reviews indicated that the COTTAGE had improved and was worthy of a second visit.

So this Top Wellesley Realtor decided the time was right to embark on an outing to the handsomely decorated COTTAGE.  Mid-summer is a terrific time to better enjoy suburban attractions that can be difficult to get into during the busier school year.

I REALLY want to like this restaurant.  I love La Jolla, home of the original COTTAGE Restaurant, and I love the idea of having an upscale local restaurant right downtown.

So I eagerly made arrangements to dine on the patio with friends so that we could enjoy the delights of Wellesley’s COTTAGE Restaurant.  We started off with the cornmeal calamari with remoulade sauce.  We were dipping our toes into the COTTAGE’S offerings.  Result?  The calamari was okay, the remoulade wasn’t a sauce anyone would consider trying more than once- for one piece of calamari that is.  And it was somewhat oft-putting that the calamari came on top of what appeared to be tortilla chips.   It made it appear that there was more of the calamari than there actually was.  Half the dinner table liked the calamari – and well the other half was not impressed.

So on to the next course:  grilled shrimp & rice, along with the popular crabmeat melt were the dishes everyone decided to try.  Those having the grilled shrimp were pleased with the flavorful shrimp and rice; those having the crabmeat sandwich found the crabmeat truly mediocre.  After a few bites, the diners made due with the steak fries and eating the toasted bread which accompanied the crabmeat.  The toast was quite good; the crabmeat quite bad.  It was plain, not plump tasty morsels of crab, and came smothered in an unbecoming cheddar cheese which did nothing to enhance the crabmeat.  Even the cheese lacked taste!

Our iced teas were refilled only once, even though it was very humid outside and our waitress had noticed the empty glasses.  She never inquired as to why the crabmeat meal wasn’t eaten: I guess she already knew the answer.  Though I wanted to try dessert, my companions had tasted enough – not worth trying anything else.

The inside of the restaurant was full; loud and noisy.  People seemed to be enjoying the bar.  But this is not a cheap restaurant and there are far better alternatives in metrowest Boston to spend your dining dollars.

The verdict??  The COTTAGE still has a long way to go before it captures the heart of BOSTONKAYAKGUY.

It may be convenient, but the food and service is simply not up to par.  I hope the owners pull out all the stops to get the COTTAGE to live up to its potential.  We need  more casual upscale dining options in Wellesley and we’re rooting for the COTTAGE to address its shortcomings expeditiously and not fall victim to the fate of so many newly opened food establishments.




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“Boston Kayak Guy. . . The MetWest Real Estate Scene”


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